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Women’s Day – Why Your Kid’s Don’t Want You to Post About Them on Social Media [link] Interview/Quote - March, 2016

TODAY Show — Stopping ‘rape culture’ starts with parents… earlier than you think [link] June, 2016

The New York Times - Holiday Photos? Don't Say Cheese [link] - November, 2017

The Washington Post - Two moms in Florida, trying to explain hatred to their children [link] - October, 2017

The Washington PostIEPs and 504 plans: Which is the best fit for your special needs child? [link] - September, 2017

The Washington PostHelping freshmen succeed: Tips from college advisers [link] - September, 2017

The Washington Post - Parents' Social Media Habits are Teaching Children the Wrong Lessons [link] - August 2017

The Washington Post - Growing Up Under the Watchful Eyes of his Mother's Newsfeed [link] - May, 2017

The London School of Economics - PFDF Blog - Sharenting: In Whose Interests? [link] - May, 2017

The Washington Post – Parenting in Facebook age: should we rethink how we share? [link]  August, 2015

JAMA Pediatrics Children's Privacy in the Age of Social Media and the Pediatrician's Role [link] - 2017

Emory Law Journal - Sharenting: Children's Privacy in the Age of Social Media [link] - 2017

The Washington Post It’s time to think about how your family records and stores memories [link] January, 2017

The Washington Post – Yes, it’s hard to think about kids with cancer. But please don’t look away. (Here’s how you can help.) [link] September, 2016

The Washington Post – Parent partnerships: A better way to co-parent [link] March, 2016

The Washington Post – How to parent against rape culture (for one thing, start young) co authored by Dr. Jennifer Sager, Ph.D [link] December, 2015

The Huffington Post  – Standing Up for All Children in the Public School System [link] September, 2015


The Washington Post - How Europe’s ‘right to be forgotten’ could protect kids’ online privacy in the U.S. [link] - July, 2018

The Washington PostNot deleting Facebook? Here’s how you can protect your kids. [link] co-authored with Dr. Bahareh Keith - April, 2018

The Washington Post Stephen Hawking inspired millions, including kids. How to help them cope with the loss. [link] - March, 2018

The Washington Post - Talking to kids about how the government works. [link] - February, 2018

The Daily BeastKids Don’t have Parents Anymore - The Have ‘Sharents’ [link] Interview/Quote - December, 2017

Consumer Reports How to Protect Your Children's Privacy in the Era of Online 'Sharenting' [link] Interview/Quote - August, 2017

CBS – News4Gainesville - Sharenting: A parent's right to share and a child's right to privacy [link] Interview – February, 2018

NPR – Do Parent’s Invade Children’s Privacy When They Post Online?  [link] Interview/Quote October, 2016

The New York Times – Don’t Post About Me on Social Media, Children Say [link] Interview/Quote March, 2016

CNN – The do’s and don’ts of posting about your kids online [link] Interview/Quote  -October, 2016

The London School of Economics - PFDF Blog - Sharenting: In Whose Interests? [link] - May, 2017

The Atlantic – Protecting Kids in the Age of Sharenting [link] Interview/Quote  - October, 2016

CBS – Something to consider before posting about your kids [link] Interview/Quote - October, 2016

Slate – Courts Aren’t the Solution to Parents Sharing on Social Media [link] Interview/Quote - October, 2016

Redbook – The Darker Side of Posting Your Baby’s Pics on Social Media [link] Interview/Quote - September, 2016