I am a legal skills professor at the University of Florida. I teach legal writing, appellate advocacy, and juvenile law. I am also an associate director for the Center on Children and Families. Prior to joining the law faculty, I worked as a felony prosecutor handling crimes involving child abuse and neglect, child pornography, domestic violence, and rape. I've also worked as a Senior Attorney for Children’s Legal Services. I am part of the Florida’s Children with Certain Special Needs Attorney Registry, and occasionally I represent children in complicated child abuse and neglect matters. To learn more about my academic research or law teaching, please view my professional profile here.

My academic work has been published in JAMA Pediatrics, the Emory Law Journal, the Florida Law Review, and the Kentucky Law Journal. My articles focus on sharenting, children's privacy, adoption, & social media advocacy.

  • Sharenting: Children’s Privacy in the Age of Social Media, Emory Law Journal [Link] 2017
  • #Advocacy: Social Media’s Power to Transform Law, Kentucky Law Journal  [Link] 2017
  • Parental Sharing on the Internet: Child Privacy in the Age of Social Media and the Pediatrician’s Role, JAMA Pediatrics [Link] 2017
  • Sharenting: In Whose Interests? London School of Economics - Parenting for the Digital Future Blog [Link] 2017
 Quote from  Consumer Reports  article.

Quote from Consumer Reports article.